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Obesity & Proper Weight Management

Obesity & Proper Weight Management
  • 11 June 2020
  • jjenkins

Pudgy dogs and cats are adorable but when it comes to health and longevity, those extra pounds can be detrimental, putting undue stress on their organs and joints.

You want to know that your dog or cat is maintaining the appropriate body weight for their breed and age. Pet Wants has a weight management and lifestyle plan for every pet’s unique needs.

First, you need to know how much they weigh, how much they should weigh, and whether their weight is being affected by a health condition. We recommend an appointment with your vet to determine your pet’s optimal weight range and ability to exercise. Then Pet Wants Mountain Maryland can establish a meal plan with you. This combined with a healthy, vet approved, exercise regimen will put your dog or cat on the road to optimal weight and improved overall health.

An understanding of your pets’ behavior is also important. Often, a dog will “beg” or a cat will meow and meow and your first instinct may be to give them a treat when what they really may want is attention. Hit pause before reaching into that treat jar. Give them a good scratch or rubdown, or play with them, maybe with a favorite toy. This can relax and quiet them and it grows the bond between you instead of the tummy that already had a meal. Your furry friend’s snacking should make up no more than 5-10% of their daily intake. Also, avoid those table scraps even if they make sad eyes at you. It’s for their own good.

Let’s talk about age. Just like us, a dog or cat will not burn calories or process nutrients the same way in their later years as they did earlier in life. Pet Wants makes high quality nutrition for seniors as well as kittens and puppies. If your pet is a young adult they may be burning calories like a three alarm fire. Talk to one of us about age specific nutrition and feeding guidelines.

All Pet Wants, small batch food is delivered on a schedule with an easy to understand ingredients/nutritional information label to prevent overfeeding. We recommend using a proper dry measuring cup to ensure they are eating the right portions.

Whether your pet is currently battling obesity or you’re being proactive to avoid this, the proper nutrition is key. Pet food and the nourishment it provides should not be cookie cutter. Just because two dogs are both large breed does not mean they should be eating the same recipe. Dogs and cats require a balance of good fats for brain and nerve function as well as a shiny coat, quality proteins to maintain and build muscle, and highly digestible carbohydrates for energy. Pet Wants small-batch, locally sourced food is balanced for optimal results and nutritional density based on freshness. Our food is the result of real care and thought in addition to research and experience.

Call 301 689-3909, visit our shop, or find us online! We will get delicious, nutrient dense food delivered (with zero delivery fees!) to your doorstep at the right time, every time. You’ll never have to worry about overfeeding with a Pet Wants nutritional lifestyle. We promise customer service that treats you like family and nutrition you can trust!