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Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family

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  • 25 May 2017
  • Pet Wants

Bringing a dog, cat or any animal home means you’re making an addition to your family. Since the commitment you make to a pet is one that deserves to be taken very seriously, it’s important to fully think through this decision before choosing. If your family already includes children, they should definitely play a role in your evaluation. How should you think about a child’s role in pet selection? Let’s look at some of the specific factors you can consider as you’re deciding on a family pet:

Child’s Age

Of all the factors that go into choosing a family pet, this may be the one with the most opinions. Many people feel that you shouldn’t bring home a pet until a child is at least five or six. On the other hand, lots of families have a pet before they have a baby, which means the baby grows up with the pet in its life. These differing opinions are why a good rule of thumb is to observe your child’s behavior around different animals and then use that information to help guide your decision.

Pet’s Age

One of the most common misconception about getting a new pet is it’s always best to go with a puppy or kitten. But this simply isn’t true. Not only are puppies and kittens far more work to raise than many people realize, but older animals are more than capable of adapting to the dynamics of a new family. Countless families have discovered that an animal who’s at least a few years old has the type of calmer but still very playful personality that’s perfect for them.

Different Breeds

Different breeds of cats and dogs have their own unique personality traits. You can create a great match between a pet and your family by identifying the traits you want in a pet, then doing some research into which breeds are known for those traits.

Interactions and Responsibilities

It’s usually not a good idea to get a pet with the intention of a child being its sole caretaker. However, it’s definitely worth teaching your child how to interact with the pet in a positive way. You can also involve your child in the pet’s care by assigning specific tasks like filling the pet’s water bowl every day.

By carefully considering the factors above and similar ones, you’ll be able to choose the ideal pet for your family. And if you want to speak with someone who has been exposed to plenty of different family dynamics and types of pets, the Pet Wants Mountain Maryland team is always here to help.